Cullinan History

  • 1903

    Cullinan was established as a diamond mine.
  • 1905

    On 25 January the world's largest diamond (3106 Carats) was found in Cullinan. The Cullinan diamond was named after the owner of the farm where the diamond was found - Thomas Major Cullinan. During that same year the Premier Mine Golf Club was established by a group of Premier Mine employees.
  • 1907

    The increasing size of the mine resulted in a need for both a railway and a hospital which resulted in the construction.
  • 1908

    To the question “Do you know what my favorite part of the game is?” Mike Singletary answered, “The opportunity to play”. The early residents would seem to agree with Mike’s sentiments, since they had three rugby teams, two football teams, and three tennis clubs as early as 1908.
  • 1954

    Cullinan Golf Course recorded as the best 9-hole layout in the country.
  • 1969

    Golf Course was redesigned with the help of Bob Grimsdell and Wilkes. During the redesign the greens and the fairway on 5,7 and 8 was repositioned.
  • 2000

    Dale Hayes bought the golf course from Premier Mine and within a year of the takeover the course was voted the best 9-hole golf course for a second time.
  • 2017

    The Village @ Cullinan. Cullinan currently offers exciting activities like abseiling, horseback riding, quad bike tours, hot air balloon flights, micro-light flips and gorge-slides. Afternoons can be spent exploring Oak lane and discovering the endless coffee shops, restaurants, jewelry stores and art shops residing here. If you feel like pumping iron, the local gym is also only 100 meters away from the golf course.